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Rotherhithe Shed


If it's broken - fix it
If you want it - make it
If you're thirsty - drink it
If you have time - visit

Rotherhithe Shed is an exciting new project set up for older men in Southwark (but welcomes men and women), based on the very successful Australian Men’s Shed movement. 

we meet in the London Bubble workshop, 5 Elephant Lane, SE16 4JD on 
Mondays 10am - 2pm
Thursdays, 1 - 5pm

Members are welcome to drop in and out at any point during our opening hours.  
Refreshments provided.  Free to attend.

To find out more please CLICK HERE

For more information call 020 7237 4434 (London Bubble) and speak to Breakey or 020 7232 5663 (Time & Talents) and speak to Devon.

We thank North Southwark Environment Trust, The Drapers Charitable Fund and Rotherhithe Consolidated Charities for their support of the programme.

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the best two days of the week!
Shed member, April 2017