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Into the Future

Autumn 2013

Having looked at each decade of the company as well as zooming in on pantomime and participation we are now going to look ahead.
The Into the Future event will consider how theatre made in a community context might develop over the next 40 years. It will ask whether a company like Bubble be of any use to a digitally developed society?

In September / October we are bringing together small teams to dream up and design projects that might be seen in a future archive.  In order to stimulate these teams and provide context we are asking a few “thinkers” to film a short interview capturing their thoughts on how they see society developing over the next 40 years.

At the event we will be opening our newly refurbished building to friends and fellow travellers to browse the Imagined Archive and join us in wondering whether theatre made in a community context has a future.  

We hope you would be able to join us. Email to find out more.

Date & time: TBC
Venue: 5 Elephant Lane, London, SE16 4JD