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Intergenerational Work

Since 2000, Bubble has delivered 11 'open' projects. 'Open' in that they involve people and the process and the artistic aspiration signal that the work is 'open'. Some of these open projects have been outdoor, sometimes they are site specific, promenade, scripted, verbatim, devised, all quite different but all with one commonality - they had a company of performers aged between 7 and 70 who were able to give their time and creativity because the project was open to all.

Our latest intergenerational project - After Hiroshima - explores the British response to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 through interviews and research. Main topics include the Cold War and the Nuclear Disarmament peace movement. The production will be in Spring 2016. To find out how to get involved click HERE.

This follows on from an intergenerational project that we ran in Japan, this year, called Grandchildren of Hiroshima. This project saw a piece of theatre carefully crafted from interviews with Hibakusha (survivors of the atomic bomb). After Hiroshima is a way for us to bring this subject back to the UK and learn how it impacted residents here.

Previous Bubble Intergenerational projects
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From Docks to Desktops Grandchildren of the Blitz