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Forum theatre for young people by young people

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Twice a year Bubble Young Theatre Makers create dynamic, interactive plays based on issues that local young people tell us affect their lives. The content is developed using our unique We Need To Act On process. Previous topics have included mental health, social media and homophobia.  

Performances are embedded within a workshop; the audience are encouraged to get involved and explore the problems in the play that they feel are most urgent. Forum theatre enables the audience to intervene and challenge the oppression presented in the play and experiment with how they might be able to steer the action towards better outcomes for the central character in a practical way. 

Since 2011, over 3000 young people have seen Bubble Young Theatre Makers performances and engaged in the wider socio-political discussions which the theatre pieces are designed to trigger. Seven groups of young people have been involved in the development of the stories we tell. 

Sessions can be tailored to fit your usual session time. 

Maximum group size: 40

touring Monday 27th - Friday 31st March 2017 
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