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Creativity and Well being and Open Bubble week

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17-22nd June
A series of free performances and conversations to mark creativity and well being week (and to show off our new building)

17 June             Creativity and well being of young adults

On Monday a group of practitioners and participants met to discuss the role of theatre in creativity and wellbeing of young adults, followed by an evening of young theatre makers sharing and celebrating their work.
CLICK HERE for a detailed summary of the day, photos and a video

Find out more about our youth theatre and our LB+ programme

18 June             Children, creativity and communication

On Tuesday, the agenda was children's play, children playing, children in plays, any which way you want to mash up those words!
CLICK HERE for a detailed summary of the day, photos, video and link to message board.

Find out more about our work with 6-8 years and 9-11 years

19 June              Creative homes and creative people

On Wednesday afternoon we welcomed our Creative Homes groups to Bubble HQ who shared their work of two beautifully choreographed hand dances and a presentation of wayward characters living in Queen Square.

In the evening we came together to celebrate the BAD (Bubble Adult Drama) group with a joyful session including the school of bad dancing and our current group's exploration of feet and shoes.
CLICK HERE for a detailed summary of the day, photos, video and a link to our message board.

20 June              Intergenerational Theatre Making
In the afternoon we shared maps, objects and stories gathered during the From Docks to Desktops project. This was followed by a discussion on Making theatre intergenerationally, led by Jonathan Petherbridge, Pip Nash, Claire Sexton and Simon Startin. 

The evening saw a sharing of the work created so far with our intergenerational cast of the From Docks to Desktops project.
CLICK HERE for a detailed summary of the day, photos, video and a link to our message board.

22 June              Open Day 

London Bubble invites friends, families, artists, students and local community members to an Open Day.

Activities include: 
- Drop in theatre workshops for all ages every hour
- Help create a new piece of art for the Bubble building in an all day, drop in workshop
- Immerse yourself in the Bubble’s archive
- See, taste and smell the 'From Docks to Desktops' roadshow
or indulge in a bit of cake and conversation with the Bubble family – including staff, Board and some of its theatre makers.
Bubble theatre is made from people - 100% organic, locally sourced, full of goodness, containing nutritional yarns and enriched experiences. You are welcome to come along to as much or as little of the week as you would like to, but it would be helpful to us to know if you're planning to join us. 

To book for any of the days, or to find more information call 020 7237 4434 

All events and performances will be held at Bubble HQ:  3-5 Elephant Lane, London, SE16 4JD