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Making links in Japan for Grandchildren of Hiroshima

This May, Bubble was been awarded a Foundation Award from the Daiwa Foundation to support a new project called The Grandchildren of Hiroshima

In 2011, we did a similar project - The Grandchildren of the Blitz - in which we drew upon the stories and experiences of elders that survived the Blitz to create an intergenerational, community production. The project was a success, to the delight of everyone involved, and the project's coordinator Marigold Hughes saw an opportunity to use the experiences of this project to undertake a parallel project in Hiroshima.

Like its predecessor, The Grandchildren of Hiroshima is rooted in interviews between children in Hiroshima and survivors of the Atomic bombing of the city in 1945; the children will be the same age as the elders were when they lived through the bomb. 

Marigold is currently in Japan, beginning the process of workshops and interviews with children and survivors.
You can read her blog from Hiroshima HERE
and find out more about our plans for the project HERE