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Looby & Dabby are making friends at South Bermondsey Children's Centre

Looby & Dabby

This term we have been working in 4 Children's Centres across Southwark, delivering Story Bubbles sessions for children and their adults.
Looby & Dabby (pictured), who have been hard at work helping our Story Bubbles leaders, have also been making friends!
Their newest friend is called Zazoo and they wrote this story about him - with some help from Jared & Helen at South Bermondsey Children's Centre.

Zazoo goes on a trip
Zazoo is going to Nunhead.
Zazoo gets on the bus.
On the bus, Zazoo eats cardboard and paper. Zazoo feels sick. Then Zazoo is sick.
Zazoo gets off the bus in Nunhead. There is a hospital in Nunhead.
Zazoo’s friend calls for an ambulance.
The ambulance comes and Zazoo and his friend get in it. They go to the hospital.
They meet the doctor and the space animals are the doctor. They’re round, straight and squiggly.
Zazoo stays there until he gets better. The doctor gives Zazoo some medicine. Zazoo feels better. The doctor says “Zazoo, don’t eat any more cardboard or paper”.
Zazoo’s friend drives Zazoo home in the car.

The End

by Jared and Helen @ South Bermondsey Children's Centre

'Story Bubbles' has been commissioned London Borough of  Southwark Early Help service. 
It aims to support positive communication for parents/carers and their young children.

To find out more about our Story Bubbles project and our work with younger children please contact Adam Annand
020 7237 4434 |