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Ali Baba returns to Bubble this December

As part of last year’s 40th Bubble anniversary we held a public reading of one of the fondly remembered Bubble pantomimes - Red Riding Hood and The Wolf. It turned out to be a hugely enjoyable and popular event, so we immediately decided to do it again!

Once again we left the decision as to which panto we would resurrect down to public vote.  Ali Baba was victorious in a closely run contest and will be returning to Bubble this December.

If you didn’t see it the first time around (or are struggling to remember the details) there’s a camel, meerkats, sand dancing and a story involving drought caused by someone stealing rain clouds … all woven into the original yarn of 40 thieves hiding in oil jars.

Ali Baba will be brought back to life in a performed reading at Bubble HQ on Sunday 29th December at 3pm and 6pm

To find out more about the event and book your tickets just CLICK HERE

Please note that the Bubble office is closed from Sat 21st Dec - Fri 3rd January so all tickets should be booked online during this time.