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Vote for your favourite Bubble Pantomime

Your chance to vote for your favourite Bubble pantomime.

As part of last year’s 40th Bubble anniversary we held a public reading of one of the fondly remembered Bubble pantomimes: Red Riding Hood and The Wolf.  We got the original cast and musicians together, threw in some props, tried to rehearse properly - but spent most of the time falling about - and then welcomed a lovely audience in to enjoy the fun.

It turned out to be a hugely enjoyable event, popular with old and young.  So we immediately decided to do it again.

On Sunday 29 December 2013 we are again de-frosting our dame and dusting off the flower and water gag to perform a public reading of one of our the Bubble classic Pantos.
“Which one?” I imagine you asking.  “Well .... that’s up to you” for, yet again, this will be a Fan Chosen panto.  We're asking you to vote to choose which of the 8 pantomimes we will honour. 

If you need to refresh your memory of the Washing Song from Aladdin or the giants rats of Dick Whittington, our Bubblepedia is here to help.
CLICK HERE to visit our online, interactive archive - the Bubblepedia

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Voting closes on 1st November