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Add WITH to FOR is the next of Bubble’s 40th anniversary events.

On the 9th of March, London Bubble will bring together the people who were charged with creating and developing ‘participation’ in the 80’s and early 90’s to understand its development and to question and consider the future of participatory and community theatre.

Add WITH to FOR is suitable for anyone who makes theatre WITH, studies theatre WITH, participates in making theatre WITH, funds theatre WITH or is involved with theatre FOR and wants to know more about this stuff.

Sessions will focus on theatre of the young, development of peer to peer work and community theatre. Panellists include Farhana Sheikh (writer), Trisha Lee (MakeBelieve Arts), Deborah Bestwick (Oval House), Adrian Jackson (Cardboard Citizens), Sally Goldsworthy (Discover) and Jonathan Petherbridge (London Bubble).

The event will run from 4-8.30pm with a series of panel discussions during the afternoon, alongside a chance to browse the Bubble archive of participatory work.
Take a look at the Bubblepedia containing photos, reviews, scripts and information about past Bubble shows and projects.

There will be a small registration fee which includes a drink and nibbles. 
You're welcome to stay for the full event, or pop in for as long as you're able to.

To find out more or to book a place please call us on 020 7237 4434 or click HERE