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Book now for an animated reading of RED RIDING HOOD AND THE WOLF

Red Riding Hood publicity photo 1998

On Sunday 6th January 2013, London Bubble continues it's 40th Birthday celebrations with it's third event.

Having already confronted the company's troubled birth in the 70’s with ‘Mavericks and Groundbreakers’, then addressed the teenage tantrums of the 80’s with ‘Return to the Forbidden Elephant’ we arrive at the 3rd decade of our history and we focus on the PantomimeShowing impeccable taste, as always, the Bubble voters have chosen Red Riding Hood and The Wolf as the script to be given a performed reading at the third of our birthday celebration events.The event will also see the opening of the 1990’s section of the Bubble archive, featuring memorabilia from the promenades, pantos and projects from the third decade of Bubble. 

Tickets for this event have now SOLD OUT!
However, the archive will be open from 4pm and you're more than welcome to pop over, take a look around and wait to see if there are any returns on the day.

Click HERE to book your ticket or call us on 020 7237 4434 to be added to the returns list.
If your memory is a little rusty, or you'd like to indulge yourself in some Panto memorablia, you can consult our Bubblepedia which has a wealth of images, script extracts and details from all the Bubble Pantos.