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Make your mark on pantomime electoral history - vote for your favourite Bubble Pantomime

Red Riding Hood publicity photo 1998

On Sunday 6th January 2013, London Bubble continues it's 40th Birthday celebrations with it's third event.

Having already confronted the company's troubled birth in the 70’s with ‘Mavericks and Groundbreakers’, then addressed the teenage tantrums of the 80’s with ‘Return to the Forbidden Elephant’ we arrive at the 3rd decade of our history and we focus on the Pantomime.

As an excuse for an unashamed orgy of nostaglic indulgence we are de-frosting our dame and dusting off some of Bubble's most loved actors to perform a reading of one of our classic Pantos.
"Which one?" we hear you ask
"Well, that's up to you", we say.

For this will be a Fan Chosen Panto.  We're asking you to vote to choose which of the 8 we will honour. 

Think Obama versus Romney with a slightly reduced marketing budget. Cinderella versus Aladdin, Mother Goose taking on Dick, Red and the Wolf fighting it out with the 40 thieves. Who shall prevail?
Click here to join the voting process! 

Voting ends on 25 November 2012

If your memory is a little fuzzy, or you’d just like to look at some lovely panto pics, you can consult the Bubblepedia which contains images, scripts and details of all the Pantomimes carefully collated for your delectation.

So make your mark on pantomime electoral history and VOTE NOW for your favourite Bubble panto.