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Return to the Forbidden Elephant


29 September, 7.30pm

London Bubble will continue asking fundamental questions about the history of a community theatre company with the second event in their 40th Birthday celebrations. 

During the 1980’s a company set up to serve the communities of outer London went in and out of fashion and favour. This eventful decade saw the huge success of Return to The Forbidden Planet, the move to Elephant Lane, two Arts Council threats to remove funding, a tour to Africa and the comings and goings of 4 of the 6 Artistic Directors.

Rob Swain who worked his way up from Assistant Stage Manager to Associate Director will lead an open conversation about the years 1982-1992 with Bob Eaton (Artistic Director 1984-1985), Pete Rowe (Artistic Director 1985-1989 and Sarah Holmes (Publicity officer, Administrative Director 1982-1986).

The conversation will run from 7.30pm – 9pm and will be preceded by the opening of the second section of the Bubble Archives – 1982-91.

Please come along to help us rake over the past, shake skeletons out of closets and reflect on the changing values of artists and funders as experienced by London Bubble and others. 

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