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D2D performances - your thoughts, From Docks to Desktops

19:51 Wednesday 04 December 2013 by Dave Newman
Bloody lovely, thank you Bubble People.
Claire Sexton - You have my undying gratitude.X
12:14 Tuesday 03 December 2013 by Anne Smith
I thought you were great as indeed was the rest of the show - but you are the one I know so I was watching you when you were on stage. You make a great cat!
23:43 Saturday 30 November 2013 by Muhammad
The Last 2 Shows
Yesterday and today rocked. I was eager to please, we all were, and we were in our element. The last show, tonight, felt like my best effort, though I HAVE done the Diesel speech faster. I was happy with my Merrydown monologue and felt more comfortable with all my bits. I'm very happy to hear that there may be a revival in April, 2014. I must thank Peth and the Bubble for a job well done. May God bless you all, and may there be a long, glorious future for the Bubble.
18:54 Thursday 28 November 2013 by Muhammad
2nd 3 Outings
Enjoyed last weekend ... Friday and the 2 shows the day after. We put in extra effort, so that Peth rated the final Saturday performance highly. My cat tail is shorter, more manageable. Have gotten used to the lights, and love the incidental music. Enjoying the audience appreciation. Finding things easier, smooth-flowing. Love it that I have plenty to do, as the 6 characters I appear in. My peers are showing sparks. I'm looking forward to 2 more shows. Let's give it our all, guys!
20:55 Wednesday 20 November 2013 by Muhammad
1st 3 Outings
It was fun to perform at the Biscuit Factory. Great to get used to the space and get appreciation/feedback from the audience. My peers/Director/all others worked hard, to stand something up ... I did my best and discovered things, learned and tried to absorb. How to project, move better and tell a story. A story about Work, the Docklands, people ... Enjoyed the laughter from the audience ... Like telling the Diesel story, being the Cat and being Chris Carr. Hopefully, this coming weekend will be more refined/synthetic. I'll try to be more focused, hoping for greater fun. Good luck to everyone! We aim to b more of a team!

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