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12:08 Monday 01 July 2013 by Shipra
Response to Yasmin's post
Thanks for your feedback. We are also very excited about the next stage of the project and look forward to inviting you to see the final piece!
11:09 Monday 01 July 2013 by Yasmin Hales-Henao
Docks to Desktops Intergenerational Theatre
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the way the London Bubble Theatre produced an intergenerational scratch performance of the Desks to Desktops workshop on Thursday 20th June. Meeting residents and listening to the oral histories of working lives in the factories of Bermondsey was a privilege. I look forward to attending further shows in the future.
13:00 Wednesday 26 June 2013 by Adam
During the afternoon of our open day I ran 4 impromptu story drama sessions, each session was attended by whoever happened to be in the building at that moment in time. Each session was "intergenerational" to one degree or other with young children, teenagers, adults, (some of whom were parents and carers) and elders all working together to devise and perform a story in about 20 mins. A couple of observations. 1) How generously the gathered players supported each others needs, explaining, showing, offering physical support. 2) The joy that was in the room when we made a "chocolate factory" with bodies and sounds with about 25 people.
08:46 Saturday 22 June 2013 by Peth
I agree that having the story tellers in the audience was extraordinary - I was watching them as much as I was watching the cast. Seeing Irene's face as she gripped Gary's arm and nearly cut off his blood supply while Catherine was playing her on stage was theatre in itself. And other audience members enjoyed their comments as the show unfolded - it added another layer.
18:38 Friday 21 June 2013 by Judith arkwright
D2D scratch performance
I really enjoyed participating in the scratch performance. I spoke
At length to Dorothy afterwards. Her testimony about working in mollins was included in the show. Talking to her made me realise what it meant tpeople that we listened to them and were using
the show to convey their experience to a much wider audience.

The storytellers were the real stars of the show maybe we could have brought
Them on to the stage and them to identify themselves?

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