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Below are some of our recent and upcoming events:

Tales from the Arabian Nights
Primary: free family taster workshops
Bubble Spring Showcase 2017
BACKstory: by Bubble Young Theatre Makers
London Bridge City Pancake Race
Thursday 15 June 2017
Double Bubble Quiz
Panto Party: Cinderella
Creativity and Wellbeing week 2016
After Hiroshima Performance
After Hiroshima Fringe Events
Winter Festival
Young Theatre Makers' Gala
We Need To Act On : Youth Led Theatre Training
Silver Thinking Nurture
Panto party
Hiroshima Dispersed
Rivers and People
Creativity and Wellbeing week 2015
Power & Participation sharing of work
MOB tickets for Hopelessly De-Voted
Hopelessly De-Voted
The Flipping Marvellous Charity Pancake Race 2015
Book now for 'Panto Unplugged'
Panto Unplugged
Ishbel and I
Creativity and Wellbeing week at London Bubble
National Theatre Connections performances
The Flipping Marvellous Pancake Race 2014
Grimm Imaginings
Book tickets for From Docks to Desktops
From Docks to Desktops performances
Book now for 'Is it (still) Behind Us?'
Is it (still) Behind Us?
LB+ summer school performance
Creativity, Well being and Open Bubble Week
Story-telling workshop
Creativity and Well being and Open Bubble week
Open Day
Breathing Space - Art & Craft workshop
Breathing Space
Into the Future
The Flipping Marvellous Pancake Race
Stories the Building Has Seen
Book now for 'Is it Behind Us?'
Is It Behind Us?
Return to the Forbidden Elephant
Bubble celebrates 40 years
Rivers and People
Mavericks and Groundbreakers
The Great Outdoors